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Step by Step Cupboard Revamp..

Step by Step Cupboard Revamp.. image

 A step by step guide to help organize your cupboard to either help find your personal style or refine it...


Set your goals:

This is where it all starts. Set a day aside and take a step back to have a good look at your cupboard. Ask yourself what it is that you love about your clothes and what needs to change. Would you like to shop better? Step out of your comfort zones and discover what types of clothes give you confidence? Are you maybe starting a new job or venture you would like to adjust your wardrobe to? You need to define your goals clearly and write  it down! 

Why and How? 

Starting a revamp on your cupboard without goals is like going on a road trip without a map. You need to be honest and clear with yourself about whats not working for you in the style/ cupboard department ( keep checking for my future post on how an image consultant can help with this) so you know what to focus on in the next steps.


Collect inspiration:

The best way to discover your personal style is to expose yourself to as many different aesthetics as possible , just to get a feeling and see what kind of style of clothing you are drawn to. Look at fashion magazines , Pinterest, different fashion blogs,and save very image that speaks to you in a certain way. 

Why and How?

Personal style may seem somewhat confusing , but it's not that difficult when you put it into categories. For example: Your style is a mix of what colors you are drawn to, different silhouettes , fabrics, etc. Even if you're a fashion newbie, you already have the foundation of a strong personal style. There's probably a certain material you prefer over other types, or love all clothes in black. 

This is the step where you take care of the "uncovering" part by exposing yourself to different aesthetics.Go through everything fashion and take note of the styles, items, colors or fabrics , your goal is to end up with everything that you love.  



Experiment and realize your personal style

Once you've collected all the inspiration and types of clothes you love , you need to find out how you actually feel about them. So go try on different styles and see how you feel about the way they fit and your favorite combinations. Go over all the info and identify the themes and combine them into a story line. Your goal is to have something to work with in order to change your current wardrobe. 

Why and How? 

When you've experimented and you have your style profile it makes shopping much easier because you’ll be able to confidently know whether something is your style or that it won't really fit into your wardrobe.  Build a mood board with your favorite pictures you've collected and add anything new that you found when experimenting. Then take a look and see what the main characteristics of your mood board are: colors, fabrics,  styling techniques, etc. 

An example of a moodboard



Give your cupboard a Detox

Make time one afternoon and go through your cupboard, item by item and get rid of any clothes that doesn't give you confidence or make you feel inspired to dress confidently. 

Why and How? 

You need a clear canvas before you can add new stuff on top. You need to see where in your cupboard you are fine, or where there are gaps that need to be filled. Create a criteria , like if the item fits with your style, how long will it last, the quality etc. And start sorting from there. 


Overhaul your wardrobe 

Time to go shopping! Write a list of everything you want to buy or need and organize it by priority. You should always note that the items that will have the biggest impact on your wardrobe or the ability to express your style, should be at the top of your list!  

Why and How?

If your wardrobe needs a serious overhaul, you may not have the funds to replace all the items straight away. Figure out which items you can buy that you'll get more value for money and work your way down the list of things you need. No matter how tempting it may be, do not compromise on quality to buy more pieces. Always aim to find the best quality your budget allows. That way over time you’ll build up a high-quality wardrobe that will last you many years.



Build a range of outfits

Get to know your new and improved cupboard, this way you can build a set of your favorite go-to looks! Play around with different combinations and practice creating outfits you love and that represent your style 100%. 

Why and How?

You may have a range or a few new items in building your new cupboard/ style, but you also need to know how to get creative and possibly use them in different ways and combos. Spend some time in front of the mirror , trying items on . Challenge yourself to create a few looks for the main activities in your life (work, gym, going out, etc). Don't forget to use accessories and other styling techniques to tweak your outfits. Take some pics of your favorite looks so that you have a reference for future. (Polaroid cameras come in handy here :D )

And finally..........


Become a smart shopper 

So to make sure your newly done cupboard stays the way it is, because you didn't do all that work for it to go back to what it was, take a closer look at your usual shopping approach. Are you an impulse buyer but want to learn how to make better shopping decisions? That's exactly what a new , clean cupboard is for!

Why and How?

Whether you're are a bargain-hunter or impulse buyer : The way you shop is a habit. And habits can be changed, as long as you have a good strategy. When going shopping ask these 5 simple questions: Does it really fit my style? Do I like the fabric? What place will it have in my cupboard? Will it fill a gap or just add to what I already have? Can I think of at least 3 combinations I can wear it with ? 

I hope this is helpful. If not all the steps, at least some :) Happy sorting, shopping and styling! 



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