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Part 2 - Why Hire A Personal Stylist

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To have a clear vision of what you want your style goals to be, there are some questions you will need to ask yourself...

Getting the right answers, starts with asking the right questions. 

Once you've answered these questions , you can keep them with you and use them as reference when choosing a stylist so they can help you achieve your style goals. 

So get yourself a pen and paper , with a cup of coffee or tea or even a glass of wine if you like ! :) And write down the following questions with your answers: 

1. What would you say are your biggest style challenges? 

2. Do you need your cupboard organized? 

3. Would you need a stylist to come to you or are you able to get to their premises? 

4. Do you need help in putting outfits together? 

5. Do you need help with a formal outfit to make a great impression? 

6. Are you looking for help with tweaking a few things or do you need a complete cupboard overhaul? 

7. What is your budget for a stylist? 

8. What is your budget for the clothing and accessories? 


This is often the hardest question of all. 

Some people say they have no budget and that could mean two things. Either the sky is the limit and they can spend as much as they want or they have no money to allocate. It’s a good thing to think through your finances and speak to your partner in advance because, when done right, hiring a personal stylist is an investment. Personal Stylists don' have to cost a fortune anymore, it's for everybody and anybody.



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