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FOREO believes confidence makes life more vibrant! And I couldn't agree more! 

That is why McLeod & Savage are VERY excited to be the SA Distributor of FOREO ,which will also be one of the products at our Masterclass in January! 

With a range of products for Skin Care, Oral Care and Men , all bases are covered . I have fallen in love with this brand , from everything they offer to everything they're about! 

Not only are their products amazing but they come in such cute colors and you can purchase the travel sized ones ,so you can carry them in your bag to have with you wherever you go!! :) 

In the Skincare range they have :

1. The LUNA Facial Cleansing brushes

2. IRIS Illuminating Eye Massager

3. The Foreo Cleansers

4. The LUNA Pro & Professional Set for Beauticians and Salon Owners


Luna Facial Cleansing Brushes.. LOVE the colors ... They have different ones for certain skin types. Amazing!

See below for the different types..

PURPLE : Sensitive Skin 

PINK : Normal 

BLUE : Combination 


The Iris Illuminating Eye Massagers :


The Iris Illuminating Eye Massagers come in 3 different clours too :

Mint ; Metal Pink ; Magenta

Say goodbye to tired and puffy eyes. Perfect for those issues most women deal with like crow's feet, wrinkles, dark circles ,etc.

The third category in FOREO Skincare is the Cleansers:


These cleansers perfectly compliment the skin with the LUNA cleansing brushes... They are formulated for skin of both men and women .



The LUNA Pro Set for Beauticians and Salon owners.


FOREO is changing the way we look after our skin. It's exciting and innovative <3 

Go to : for more info on their other exciting products. 

Folow them on Instagram : @FOREO  ; Twitter: @FOREO  and like their page on Facebook : FOREO


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