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Little Ondine - My new favorite nail polish!

Little Ondine  - My new favorite nail polish! image

                ReImagining Nail Polish ..... That is definitely what Little Ondine is doing! 

I am proud to say you can get this amazing product through McLeod&Savage and you'll thank us forever ;) :D

Here are the 5 reasons why Little Ondine is amazing:

1. Natural Ingredients 

2. Easy Peel Off

3. Odour Free

4. Quick Drying 

5. And a whole array of different colors!


Little Ondine has sourced the best minerals from around the world to produce a natural nail polish with a glossy high-shine finish. Natural resin, organic colorants and water are what this amazing product is comprised of. 


This has to be one of my favorite reasons this nail polish is a must-have! Without worrying to have to use nail polish remover and have that smell linger , you can just peel it of and replace it with your new choice of color. Meaning, that if you are wearing a certain color for work and later have an event or fun evening planned, you can just change it and not have the hassle of removing it with chemicals and mess. It's as easy as just peeling off.  


And that brings me to my next point! with having an easy , peel-off nail polish and getting away from the odor of nail polish removers, the nail polish itself is odour free too! It just gets better. It's natural, easy to remove and odour free, all factors contributing to better treatment of your nails. 


And you thought it couldn't get better! So many times I have been in a hurry and needed to either fix my nail polish or have them look pretty for an event. Somehow I feel like if I'm not having my nails done, doing my own nails is always done in a hurry and knowing there's an easy peel-off nail polish that is quick to dry , absolutely makes my life! 


Being indecisive as a person , the decision making process isn't always the easiest. The fact that I have so many options with Little Ondine, makes me feel like it's a blessing rather than a curse to be indecisive, because now I can try all these colors and LOVE every moment of it! Especially in Cape Town, where the weather is more indecisive than I am at times, if I feel wintery one moment and then want to change to a summery color because it's now warmed up, it's absolutely easy to do so :D!  

Have a look at the colors that are going to be popular for Spring 2016 <3 

Any creamy,pale,blue polish is versatile and perfect for Spring. Pastels are the new Neutrals - they go with almost everything!

This is the Little Ondine-Nirvana. R190


Sage - the new grey and the go to/ neutral of your nail polishes for Spring.

This is Little Ondine - Amazon.



Bright pinks , fuschia etc are always a winner in Spring with flowers blooming and feeling pretty and fresh! Brighten up any dark outfit with these colors.

Try this color with Little Ondine , First Kiss



Although a summer color, this lilac adds just the right amount of brightness and makes you look like you've already grown on your tan this Spring!

Try Little Ondine - Lilac



The softest and most feminine of shades, which makes it the most complimentary color and perfect for Spring.

Try Little Ondine - Obsession



These are just FIVE of the most popular colors that I am loving for Spring. Other colors include Terracotta, Silver, Navy ( instead of a black), Lavender, Glitter and so much more. 


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Go to : to learn more about this amazing nail polish. 


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