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--- Dress your Shape ---

--- Dress your Shape --- image

With the season of celebration and events literally around that shop corner,whether up-scale or relaxed , a LBD will always be your best friend. 

Read further for the dresses best suited to your shape <3  



The LBD is timeless, sophisticated and chic. However, with an LBD in what seems like a million different styles, body-con, princess, A-line, shift and sheath, how do you choose the right dress for your body shape?

These are tips and guidelines that bring out the best in whatever body shape women have by emphasizing assets and by taking focus off the bits we don’t like as much. Every woman and shape is beautiful , love yourself <3 

Pear / Triangle Shape : Look for a halter dress. This will show off your shoulders and make your hips look smaller, creating a balanced body shape. 


PEAR Shape


Look for a halter dress. This dress will show off your shoulders and make your hips look smaller. This will create a balanced body shape.

 Apple Shape: A shirred dress. The gathering effect pulls in the waistline, creating an appearance of a slim waist. A flared shorter skirt will add dimension to the lower body and show off lean legs.   



Hourglass Shape: Take inspiration from the 1950's with figure-hugging and pretty tea dresses to show off your womanly curves.


Inverted Pear/Triangle : Define the waist and soften the shoulder line. Draw attention away from wider upper half and balance with bottom. 



Cylinder / Rectangle Shape: Define your waist and create curves. Girly details are your friend to visually balance out a more athletic frame. 



Please note that these are just basic guidelines. :) There are different shapes and sizes of the above mentioned figures. Knowing your body shape and understanding the types of clothes that compliment your good features , means you'll be able to dress and shop for styles and clothes that really suit you and make you feel your most confident and comfortable. 

Contact me on for rates on consultations to help you from the smallest tip on style and color analysis to a wardrobe makeover. 

Personal Stylists aren't only for celebrities or the rich. Inquire today!! :) <3 


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