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<3 <3 the basics to have in your closet <3 <3

<3 <3 the basics to have in your closet <3 <3 image

One of the most common questions I get as a Personal Stylist is: "What are my top items I personally think everyone should have in their wardrobe?" So I thought it would be a great idea to explain my favorite wardrobe staples ...

 Here they are .. :) 


The Plain White V-Neck :

It's the essential to have for days where you want to look effortlessly stylish and it goes with everything! One of my favorite staples for my wardrobe. Make sure you buy a fitted one that isn't too tight or too baggy that it makes you look bigger than needed. 


Striped T-Shirt : 

I find this trend a bit misguided because a lot of people say that you can't wear stripes because it makes you look bigger etc, but for me it depends on the fit and not necessarily the print. 

 For me , this is another staple that you can wear with anything if you don't feel like going for plain. 

I feel stripes could be considered a neutral since you can wear them with any color and they always look good with black pants ;)


Denim Shirt : 

Especially if a denim shirt is made from Tencel, it's really comfortable allowing for movement and comfort.

Two of my favorite looks are denim shirts with white pants and denim on denim. 


White Button Down : 

This is a wardrobe essential you absolutely cannot go wrong with! This is great for layering under sweaters in winter, especially if it's one without pockets , as it doesn't look bulky , so it fits nicely and looks really chic. It's the most versatile, essential and classic item in your wardrobe.



Black Blazer : 

This wardrobe essential goes with everything. You slip this on and it immediately pulls everything together.  blazer adds versatility to your wardrobe when worn in varying ways. Great for smart-casual events,  or just a way to dress up Casual Friday while everyone else dresses down. Add choice to your wardrobe with a blazer by switching what you wear with it. 


Leather Jacket: 

Not that this item needs any introduction , but one of my favorite pieces as it's so transitional and if you invest in a good quality one, can last for ages. The nice thing about these is you get really cool, laid back ones and then you get ones more dressed up . So yes, investing in one is a great start but if you are able to have two or more that differ in style, even better. 


Trench Coat: 

The versatility of this wardrobe staple makes it an investment you can't pass up. It's timeless, versatile and will always stay an essential in your closet. Topping your look off with a fashionable trench coat, takes it to a whole new level. Personally, your first purchase should be a neutral color, and as your budget grows , consider an additional coat in a brighter color .

A trench coat ads style, grace, and sophistication to any outfit. One good trench will last you many years, and several versions will offer a lifetime of choices.



I recommend everyone having at least one pair of denims that you absolutely LOVE! Not all styles of jeans work on all types of body shapes. That's why I don't always agree with saying " You have to have a bootleg, straight leg, flare etc" Not all body types will look great in every style, that's the beauty of all these amazing styles. Personally, I would say, figure out what works best for your body and rock it! 



 Black / Nude Heel (or wedge or pump) : 

The ultimate go-to for shoes in your wardrobe when wanting to pull together any look. If you can only afford one to start with, go with the black and build on with the nude. It can be a black wedge , for those not comfy in heels. It can also be a flat black pair of pumps for those that don't do heights at all. But this is a must have for instant sophistication.



There is no other item in your wardrobe that will be used as many times as your handbag. The key to selecting a handbag which will become a wardrobe staple is to keep it simple. Even the most pricey handbag can quickly become dated if it is too busy. Beware of designer handbags which are the “it” bag of the season, as they will become “so last season” when the seasons change. 


The LBD : 

Regardless of how many fashion trends come and go, a beautiful little black dress proves to the world that it’s a really classic piece. LBD makes an excellent base for accessories and add-ons. It's a practical piece of your wardrobe. So when in doubt, wear a little black dress!



With these essentials in your closet, you'll have the building blocks you need to look stylish, classic, and appropriate for every occasion. Then it is simply a matter of layering in accessories and other elements which can be combined to express your own personal style. 

For more styling tips contact me on : or leave your comments below.  

Have fun! :):)


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