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A/W 2017 Preparation

A/W 2017 Preparation image

Only a few more moments left for our Summer sandals and open toe shoes to make their final appearances. 

The time has come for us to focus our attention on woollies, scarves, boots and tights! So I've put together the a few steps to slowly start getting your wardrobe...




The first step is about taking some "Me Time"... Set aside 3 hours for yourself to sort out your fashion "sanctuary" . Remove the remaining balance of Summer items that won't be used and then gather your Winter items together in a pile on your bed.

STEP 2: Recycle, Repair, Re-Use

Recycle: Get to sorting and be Ruthless I tell you! Give the items away that need to get a move on.

Repair: Fix the items, make alterations or take the ones that need EXTRA TLC to a dry cleaner. You may feel like you have brand new items by doing this without even shopping!

Re-Use: You may think Re-Use and Recycle is the same thing but in this case not. By Re-Use , I mean keep items in your winter wardrobe that can be re-used over leggings, under vests, jackets, etc.

STEP 3: Use hangers as much as you can 

Use clever clothes hangers in your wardrobe and increase the space of your cupboard by at least a third . Use your wardrobe instead of drawers as much as you can. Hangers like the ones below will be great to invest in : 

These non Slip Hangers from Woolworths are great for blouses, jackets, cardigans etc. And they're slim, so they don't take up space and look really sleek in your wardrobe :)


Another clever hanger and great for saving time when getting ready , is this belt and scarf hanger from Woolworths. It keeps the items neat and easy for you to see which one to wear.


One of my favorite types of hangers is this trouser hanger from Woolworths. You can have 2 or 3 of these and use one for jeans, one for trousers and one for casual pants, etc.


STEP 4: Storage !

This is where the awesome vacuum bags come in! Use these bags for all the summer items you may use or want to take with you should you go on a summer holiday during the winter spell. This way, even though they aren't in your wardrobe taking up unnecessary space, they are still accessible and see-through so you can see which items you will be using. :) :) 

STEP 5: Create Outfits AKA: Capsule Wardrobe

The section where it gets a bit trickier and may send most of your time on. Try on different outfit combinations , beginning with your favorite items. Don't only focus on bottoms and tops , make sure you include the WHOLE outfit from top to bottom. Example: include hats, boots, scarves , coats, gloves, etc. From here, see which items you can use in different ways, this way , you'll be getting more for less :) This comes in handy when shopping on a budget too ;) 



STEP 6: Make a list

Once you've completed Step 5 , make a list of the missing pieces you may need to get to complete outfits that need completion . Think about which items of clothing are most flexible . The aim is to buy less and wear more - again - perfect for shopping on a budget or not, who wouldn't want to be able to wear an item in a completely different way , creating a new outfit, especially if it's an item you LOVE! 

STEP 7: Put your best Style_ish foot forward everyday! 

The aim of this fun little "me time" session is for you to know that everyday you are able to look your best and feel confident about it! It saves you time and helps your wardrobe look and feel more organized,  making getting ready even better! 

Obviously, if you're anything like me , you get those days that you just want to wear sneakers and tights, but who says that can't look Style_ish on those days too ?  ;) 

If you're reading this and feeling overwhelmed and like you may need a bit of help , I would be happy to help you! Feel free to give me a Style_ish shout on : 

Have a Fab Weekend everyone! 




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