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Winter Skin Care Tips <3

Winter Skin Care Tips <3 image

Not many of us love winter, although I'm a winter baby, my skin really battles and I always feel the change in how my skin feels and how my complexion looks. 

I am very big on healthy skin. This is not from a superficial point of view, but more that as you get older, it's more difficult to rectify what's gone wrong. Instead I prefer prevention and just going the extra mile to make sure the older I get I keep looking after my skin. 

So I put together the skin care tips I suggest for Winter and how to look after and love your skin even though your skin isn't loving winter ;) 

Winter Skin Care Tips: 

1. Lukewarm water - It may seem really simple and yet not so much. To look after your skin in winter, although so very tempting, steer away from a very hot shower or bath. It's a very big shock for the ski in winter to go from cold to sudden heat. The high water temperature and the evaporation of water off the skin, once out of the shower, causes the skin to become drier. 

2. Hydration - So obviously it's cold , last thing you want to do is drink cold water. We tend to turn to hot chocolate and coffees or teas , etc and forget that our bodies still need the hydration from the inside out, especially in winter. So remember the WATER! ;)  

3. Exfoliation - We tend to forget that in winter , we need to exfoliate. It's especially important in winter because without getting rid of the dead skin cells, your skin cannot get the moisture it needs when applying moisturizer because the level of dead skin cells is too plentiful .


4. Moisturizer before bed - Yes , this is VERY important for your face, but don't forget about other areas of your body! Drier areas like your hands, feet , elbows and knees, which have thin skin , tend to lose moisture faster than other areas of the body. Tip: apply a moisturizing balm at night then wear gloves and socks on your hands and feet and let it soak in overnight. 

5. Use DIY Masks - Homemade moisturizing/hydrating masks are amazing in the cold months. It's an excuse to stay in and treat yourself ;) Ingredients such as : honey, avocado, yogurt, olive and jojoba oils, almond oil, bananas, and aloe. Mix the ones you choose together , apply and leave on for 10-20mins. 

******** See below for some of my favorite products to use in winter ********

Nimue Exfoliating Enzyme


Nimue AI Eye Serum


Skin Republic Foot Mask


Skin Republic Hand Mask


Nutraderm Moisturizing Cream


CaribbeanTan Milk and Honey Body Butter - although can be used as a tan-xtender , I use this in winter as a moisturizing body butter. :)


Happy Winter Hydration !! <3


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