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So my last post was about how to look after your skin in winter and I must say I didn't quite expect such a great response, but of course I'm very happy you all loved it ! :) Thank you :)

Well today continuing on from winter and skin topics, I started a new treatment called :

SLEEK SCULPT, by Cryoliving <3

SleekSculpt is a treatment that not only detoxifies the body but also effectively reduces cellulite. The skin becomes smoother and firmer . There is an instant slimming effect after just one treatment . The areas you'll notice the biggest difference is your waist, hips and thighs after succession of treatments.  


I have been to Cryoliving for 3 sessions of SleekSculpt and I can not only see the difference but feel it too! It's a revelation in losing centimeters as well as detoxing . There are 4 steps in the SleekSculpt process:

STEP 1: Removal of dead skin - body peel

- This prepares the skin , allowing more accessibility for active products to pass through. It also improves the skin appearance

STEP 2: Activation of treatment areas - slimming gel 

- The slimming gel has ingredients that treat cellulite and skin texture. In the slimming gel formula , there are components that strengthen weak capillaries affected by cellulite and breakdown and removal of lipid nodules. 

STEP 3: Deep lymphatic system cleanse 

- The first 2 steps contribute towards the improved results during lymphatic drainage. The device used in the SleekSculpt treatment , uses powerful successive pressure to force lymphatic fluid towards lymph nodes . 

STEP 4 : Moisture - Body Moisturizer 

- After you're done with your 40 min treatment , the SleekSculpt's exclusive moisturizer is then applied to re-hydrate the skin. This also then balances the pH levels after you've completed your treatment. 


I am inlove with how this treatment works and how comfortable and relaxed you are throughout the entire 40mins. What's even better, is the pressure jacket you climb into, feels like a 40min massage while laying on a heated blanket so you're warm and then on top of this you're going to experience these benefits! :

On the outside :

  • Significant centimeter loss - It's TRUE! I witnessed it for myself . 
  • Profound reduction of visible cellulite 
  • Increased skin firmness 
  • Return of natural skin appearance and glow 

What's even better is that you have results on the inside too ! :

  • increased energy 
  • immediate relief of heavy legs 
  • detoxing 

Contact Cryoliving now to book your appointment! FIRST SESSION IS FREE <3 

You won't be sorry and you'll feel rejuvenated and energized to not only look but just feel so much better ! :) 

  • Call : 021 823 1600
  • Directions : 4 St Clair Rd, Plumstead, Cape Town


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